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About Turbo

Derek recalls Turbo:

Aloof, but goofy, intelligent, but not biddable, sound, but not healthy, Turbo was a dog of contradictions. Turbo was really my introduction into the show world, even if it was only watching the pros groom and handle, but I never looked back. He taught me many things, first of all that a poodle could be masculine, and that I wanted something a little… less expensive to show. We loved Turbo, and he loved us in his own way, but it's fair to say that though he was absolutely no trouble whatsoever as a pet, he never seemed to feel ‘at home’ with us. But the day that he went to stay with Michelle to show her what a poodle was like, well, it was obvious to all of us that there was where he really belonged.

Turbo's Co-Owner

Turbo retired to live with Michelle Morrow of Radcliff, Kentucky.

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