Tovik & KO's Boondoggle


Boon in the ring at a match.
Photo by Fink Densford.

About Boon

Fink had always wanted a Siberian Husky so we helped him connect with the Boyds a find the right puppy for him. We've learned that Huskies are quite a bit different than Tervuren puppies, but Boon has been fun and a challenge so far, and we look forward to seeing him grow!

Boon's Breeder

Boon was bred by Linda S. & Kelly K. Boyd of Albany, Oregon. You can view their website at

Boon's Co-Owner

Kristina co-owns Boon with Fink Densford of Lexington, Kentucky.

More Information

Fink's Photos of Boon

Boon's Pedigree

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