Hidalgo Joie De Vivre De KO RATS



About Juliette

Juliette has gracefully stepped into the role of oldest dog in the house, even though the transition came at the tender age of three years. She does not seem to mind. Known affectionately by her litter-name Jujube (Juju for short), she is devoted to her family and dedicated to being correct. Growing up in Kristina’s cognition lab and participating heavily in her research has led to some pretty neat quirks to her personality, including a knack for making good choices and a general social awareness that surprises even Kristina at times. She is excellent with other dogs, and is absolutely devoted to helping to raise our newest puppy addition, Ivy. She possesses an impressive suite of avuncular behaviors.

Juju’s favorite sport is barn hunt. She loves solving puzzles—the harder the better. Juju’s conformation career is on hold until we have time to travel to Canadian shows, as she is ¼ of an inch too tall for the AKC standard. She trains in obedience and as soon as she learns to use her indoor voice (she is a big barker) you’ll see she and Kristina competing in Rally and Obedience.

Juliette is the granddaughter of Maria’s litter-brother Sage (Makeit Dreams And Schemes) which is how we found out about her litter in far-away Québec. We are undecided about future breeding plans with Juliette at this time, but we are pleased with what a happy, healthy girl she has grown up to be.

Juliette's Breeder

Juliette was bred by Isabelle Bouchard of Québec, Québec. You can view Isabelle's web site at http://www.elevagehidalgo.com.

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